MATs is a cloud based application for tracking SMETS2 Smart Meter Assets following the workflow process from the receipt of the portfolio of meter exchanges to the asset.


Based on a portfolio of projects for meter exchanges, the system is driven by dashboards with interfaces to key industry systems to provide fast efficient solutions with minimum data entry.


MATs is a cloud based application that expands with your organisation. It is designed from the outset as a secure application that can be run on cloud platforms.


MATs is a cloud based application for tracking Smart Meter Assets following the workflow process from the receipt of the portfolio of meter exchanges to the asset.

Energy Meter Asset Tracking System

Enables SMETS2 compliance for MAM and MOP accreditation.


Meter Exchanges - Dumb, SMETS1 SMETS2

Customers require meters to be installed, replaced and removed as efficiently as possible with the least disruption to the customers’ business operations and most importantly on an agreed time schedule. MATs recognises this and has designed its processes to keep everyone informed about progress of their works.



The Billing module provides accurate billing of meter assets MAM, MAP and MOP. The invoices are scheduled to be automatically processed and imported into the finance application.



The dashboards provide real time information, as jobs are completed and are ready for the next stage of the process. they are automatically transferred to the next user with an escalation path for delays at every stage.


Asset Maintenance

The asset module stores the entire history of the job, together with the job sheets, notes and the asset details. The is a separate maintenance module that monitors the asset during its lifetime and creates maintenance jobs automatically when they are due.

MATS Benefits

MATS enables the meter Installer to rapidly respond to industry flows

Dynamic real time lookup of asset information from industry sources

Provides an Inventory management interface between the supplier and the DCC

MATS provides an audit trail and maintains an asset register for the installed meters.

Interfaces with the FSM to provide accurate data for the engineer

MATS enables rapid billing and reporting with built in analytics

Meter Asset Tracking

MATS Key Features

Dynamic file flow mapping

  • Industry flows
  • Proprietary flows
  • Bilateral flows

Manages Inventory flows, including warehouse and delivery interfaces

Tracks Asset Lifecycle – from stock delivery through to installation and removal

Validates Job Completion data and updates work, industry, and inventory flows

Interfaces with the HHT for job completion and device commissioning

Asset Register – query screens for devices by MPAN and MPRN

Handles Industry flows for MAP, MOP, MAM, Supplier, DNO, Xoserve, DCC, and RGMA

MATs Workflow

MATS is designed to provide the workflow tailored to your business.

About Us

Based in London, Cloud KB Limited has been delivering IT solutions to the Power industry since 2010. We were one of the first IT solution providers to deliver SMETS2 data solutions. We have a structured team who provide rapid agile development which includes industry knowledge particularly around the new SMETS2 processes.

One of the major milestones achieved this year is the release of our dynamic mapping technology. This allows us to rapidly change and update complex mapping structures, without any system development. The new module is powerful enough to define new flows rapidly, reducing development time for custom flows.

MATS already handles industry flows and our development plans for this year include the delivery of new industry flows based on the new dynamic mapping technology.

Over the last decade we have been designing bespoke IT structures and applications for energy businesses. The knowledge and experience acquired has led seamlessly into the shift towards the Cloud.

The technical experience and business foresight that Cloud Knowledge Base gives will not only reward you financially, but also improve how you run your business in the longer term.

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